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What is 21st Century Pedagogy?

Learn about the differences on this blog post.

Traditional Pedagogy vs. 21st Century Pedagogy

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I am Dr. Annette Durbin. I am excited to offer online professional development courses focusing on instructional skills and strategies that you can use to ignite your students' inner motivation to enjoy and literally LOVE learning!!

After 27 years of teaching a full curriculum in grades PK - 6 in public and private school (including a few years homeschooling), I have found several "instructional keys" that I am able to use and literally "unlock" the motivation to learn in every student!!

In my courses, I share research based strategies, favorite lessons, my experiences, tips, and more to support YOU, the educator, as you learn and develop your craft. I act as YOUR personal coach to support YOUR learning!

Join me on this journey to unlock your students' learning potential, so each one is inspired to learn and achieve while YOU become the best educator YOU can be!